Report littering and dumping from vehicles

If you see someone littering or illegally dumping from their vehicle, you can report them. Fines of between $210 and $1,000 can now be issued to the registered owner of the vehicle. Litter damages our natural environments, harms wildlife and sea creatures, can injure people and makes our spaces less safe. Cigarette butts are harmful to our waterways, and carelessly thrown lit cigarette butts may start fires. Littering also costs tax payers a lot of money.

To report littering from a vehicle you need to:

• Register as a reporter

• Have witnessed the litter discarded, deposited, blown or falling from the vehicle

• Be able to provide details of the vehicle registration and the location the littering took place

• Report the incident within 14 days

• Make the report through the Dob In A Litterer website or the mobile app (we cannot accept reports over the phone, via email or letter)

• Be aware that you may be requested to complete a statement and attend court to act as a witness to any contested matter.